Checking Equipment

Processing Equipment

Product Standards /Product Standards

Austenitic/Super aus 304/L、321、347H、316L/Ti、316LMod、317L/N、310S、310MoLN、309H、253MA、330、904L、S31254、S31277、XM-19
Duplex/Super duplex S31803、S32205、S32750、S32760、S31500、S32304
Duplex/Super duplex N02200、N02201、N04400、N06600、N06601、N06625、N06690、N08810、N08825、N08020、N08028、N08031、N010276、N010665、N06022、N06030、GH3030、GH3036
Steel pipe ISO13680 API:5CT   API: 5LC
NACE MR0175    NACE MR0103
GB:13296 T14975 T14976 T12771 T12770 T3624 T3625 T21832 T21833 HG20537 GB9948  GB5310 GBJ2296 GBJ2610
ASTM/ASME:A213/SA213 A249/SA249 A268 A312/SA312 A269 A270 A358 A376 A409 A511 A688 A789 A790 A803 A928 A544 A409 A632 A688 A778 A908
SB161 SB163 SB167 SB338 SB407 SB423 SB444 SB619 SB622 SB626 SB668 SB677 SB829
JIS:G3459 G3446 G3447 G3448 G3459 G3463 G3468
DIN:17455 17456 17457 17458 17459  2391  2462
EN:10216-5 10217-7
GOST9941   GOST9940   TU 14-3R-197-2001
National classification societies CCS、DNV、GL、LR、NK、KR、ABS、BV            
Pipe fittings GB/T12459 GB/T13401 GB/T14383 GB/T14626 HGJ514 HGJ528 HGJ529 DL/T515 SY5257 ISO3419 ISO5251
ASME B16.9 B16.11 B16.28 ASTM A403 SH3408 SH3409 SH3410 JIS B2311 B2312 B2313 B2316
DIN2615 DIN2616 DIN2617


Flange B/T9112-9124 HG20592-20635 SH3406 ANSI B16.5 JISB2220

Staff Qualification /Staff Qualification

The company's technical and management strength, with doctoral students, master's degree, more than MBA senior management, research and development engineers, non-destructive testing engineers, physical and chemical testing engineers, engaged in steel industry for many years, with advanced management concepts and rich experience in production, Product research and development capabilities and core technology. The company attaches great importance to the follow-up technical force training and reserves, has sent several batches of technical backbone, to participate in national, provincial professional and technical training and further studies to continuously enhance the company's technical talent reserve force. The company has supply nuclear power plant five, to meet the high-end use of the production and testing requirements.

Since the founding of the company, the state state testing center to do the quality of the Bureau of training practice base, has held a number of national and provincial physical and chemical, non-destructive testing training activities.

Company technical staff accounted for more than 30% of the total number of employees.